"The second flight " - technique mixte- Juin 2018 - 60x60cm

"The second flight " - Mixed media on canvas - June 2018 - 60x60cm - 800 euros

La Piel

"La piel"  Mixed media on canvas - 65x54cm - march 2018

 "Beaten, shot, tanned, coppered, waxed, framed." E.O.


Green Love - peinture par Elodie Oberlé

"Green love"- Mixed media on canvas - 50x65cm- September 2017- 450 euros

  "If there's one thing that I'm grateful to Hervé for, it's teaching me to slip a duvet  into its cover in one deft movement of the hand. One of those little things in life which make the day easier and restore your energy and smile. A little time for oneself..." 

"Green love" - détail

j'en fait tout un plat - peinture Elodie Oberlé

"J'en ai fait tout un plat" -  Mixed media on canvas - 65 x 50 cm - September 2017- 450 euros

"J'en ai fait tout un plat" - Detail

Nowhere - peinture Elodie Oberlé

"Nowhere" Mixed media on canvas, 60x80 cm , August 2017 - 800 euros

"Faire tapisserie "- Technique mixte sur toile - 60x80cm  , by Elodie Oberlé , by Elodie Oberlé

"Faire tapisserie", Mixed media on canvas - 60x80cm - July 2017 - 800 euros

Nothing More , by Elodie Oberlé

"Nothing more", Mixed media on canvas, 50x65cm, August 2016 - 350 euros

« I scoured, scratched, searched, shattered, smashed…

I found only a slew of sparks made of wild plum, which gave life all its light »  e.o.

Somewhere in a cloud

"Somewhere in a cloud", Mixed media on canvas, 80x80cm, July 2016 - Private collection

"Black is not a colour ! White either!...",Mixed media on canvas, 46x56 cm, 2015 - 350 euros

""Invasions évasives", Mixed media on canvas, 40x40cm, 2013 - 300 euros

"Normandy citadine", Mixed media on canvas , 46x38cm, 2013 - 225 euros

"No sleep under the celte kilt" or "Tribute to Breizh", Mixed media on canvas, 46x61cm, 2013 - 400 euros

"Échappée belle", Mixed media on canvas, 40x40 cm, 2013, 300 euros

"Rosissement", Mixed media on canvas, 70x70 cm, 2012 - 750 euros

"Question de poeaut", Mixed media on canvas , 80x80cm, 2012 -800 euros

"Diptyque nuits et drapeau de mes rêves mon grand jour", Mixed media on canvas, 55x46cm x2, 2010 - 600 euros

""Tourments parisiens", Mixed media on canvas, 46x55cm,  2010 - 350 euros

"Mon noir et blanc",Mixed media on fabric-line card , 27x22cm,  2009 - 125 euros

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