My first training is textile design and the painting is a way of to express all the unique models I can't realize in my fashion design : a lot of colors, fabrics, patterns and poems ...

Then comes the portrait.

The need to mark people we love and who runs through our lives and who can disappear in any time.

This intense emotion when on the canva appear the eyes and everything comes alive...

Works always go with words, texts which are my DNA . I feel like a poetess of colors and feelings.

Through the landscapes and faces I'm telling about myself.

A personal biography dedicated to people I love and which can touch the whole world as it's about a  human history.

A way to communicate when the silence settles, isolation and loneliness impose themselves on me as the sign I have to take out the brushes to warm the universe and retrieve words...

It's all about experience, learning and it's at the completion of each painting that I grow up in my relationship with others and then, aroud me, everything lights up again.

Painting as a way to exist.

An offering to the universe.

A message of peace.

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