Elodie Oberlé  -

At the age of 17 we don't take life seriously...we dream of « Haute Couture », sequins and passionate love stories!

We take a big jump to Paris « La Capitale » and the highly famed Duperré School of 'Arts Appliqués' with the ambition of signing our name in the fantastic world of Fashion Makers.

We knock at every important door hoping to be introduced to this secluded world.

With the constant wish to increase our experience and knowledge we set up to travel abroad: China, Thailand, Bangladesh…

The more we discover the more we feel we know little and our ideas shrink.

Then we try to sort out everything, sometimes lacking confidence, but in the end keeping what seems essential, eternal…

15 years later we find ourself back to the starting point

and this is when we plant our seeds over and over. 

Everything grows in harmony. Roots have found their way.

Branches in the trees spread out and leaves are ready to fly away.

Everything is in the starting blocks...

The World is at our feet ...so are the men!

A big thank to all of you who have been on my path. 

This 'Première' is for you and is only made of “Essentials”.



rose E.O

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