Published : 09/26/2016 08:42:07
Categories : BACKSTAGE


Find the sparkling of stairs worn out by steps in a hurry or sometimes made drunk of the metropolitan people.

A smile on the face, in front of the marked place by the returns of evening in the early hours of endless nights.

The local cinema, the absinthe at the street corner, the terraces where he is pleasant to observe and to be noticed...

The kisses passionate with lovers of some evenings, the look with asserted swaying hips marking your territory...

To be proud of our life, of a dream which which we finally touched and teamed during few years of carefree prosperity.

To have growned up and find the marks of our steps which so much  taught us .

Paris !

The heart was torn there so many times then reinflated to overflow with bliss.

Dear capital, you will stay for all eternity trademark .

You whose ground is a conquered ground on which one we find strength and determination.

Your tar roots and we cannot grow tired of mooving on your music.


                                                           Paris, the 24th of September 2016



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