Birth of a collection.

Published : 01/11/2016 09:35:12
Categories : BACKSTAGE

At first a collection starts with ideas, sketches and notes ...

To fetch in the story of the brand what makes its DNA in order to create basic items and long-lasting clothes.

Naissance d'une collection de mode

Then we adjust the cuts and the lengths

And we select the colours which we want to be ours for the season to come

But let us not forget the most important which will make the beauty of a dress, a top, an overall: the Fabric

It must be beautiful especially when one has been trained in the textile creation !

The quality of the product, its drape, its style its elegance will be enhanced by the fabric

échantillons de mode

Haute Couture model made from luxury fabric will always be eternal

Whereas its pale imitation in a low range material will rapidly be disregarded

A lot of love and patience is needed to make a garment last. This is what leads to offer the most beautiful materials as well as the timeless colours.

Fitting and reshaping

Essayage et remodelage collection Elodie Oberlé

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