Published : 09/19/2016 16:06:02
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Clémence,  cliente Elodie Oberlé

Clémence in 4 questions/answers


Who are you ?

Passionate of psychoanalysis and human relations, I became clinical psychologist. But I’m also and above all, wife and mother.

Sensitive and curious, I appreciate the city life but also like the country landscapes which get fresh ideas to me in my moments of loneliness.

Your daily life ?

I start my day with my children.

Once they are at school, I cook for them nice dishes which they can appreciate at noon. I like cooking.

I take time to read a book, to look around, to listen music, to play piano, to take pictures, to call my friends…

Then another day begins when I leave by walking to my office.

When I close it in the evening, I forget all what I listened all the day and it delays me finding my husband.

The dinner is a moment favoured to discuss, make projects, and exchange our laughter and our days. We like taking out to the restaurant, to the opera, joining friends … And it is true till one o'clock in the morning.

Your dressing habits ?

I am opened to any style.

I favour nevertheless the elegance, the relatively classic, all which does not bang in the eye … I am as well in skirt as in pants.

Very sensitive to the materials I choose them pleasant to the touch and comfortable.

I never feel the need to change me when I go back home in the evening because I am good in my clothes.

I do not love the sets what is too directive and what we cannot  wear with everything.

Clémence itv

Your choice at Elodie Oberlé ?

The tops!

For it material, it timeless and original side and it very beautiful colours.

I also like the cutting which adapts itself perfectly to the silhouette.

The idea whether it is a painter who works the painting as well as the textile material pleases me a lot.

I am delighted to have discovered this creator!

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