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Between the actress Dorylia Calmel and the fashion designer Elodie Oberlé there is a story which lasts for 10 years ... Gathered by common passions, theater, cinema, costumes and especially dresses, they have enough to chat over a cup of tea of for long hours ... Having worked together on a theatrical production of Dorylia to the Theater de la Tempête in Vincennes, Elodie created a dress for the character that Dorylia will play in the short movie of Lorian James Delman in 2009 « Homecoming »

Robe Elodie Oberlé - série TV

Red dress 100% silk created by Elodie Oberlé for Dorylia Calmel

Today, it's after almost ten years that Dorylia and Elodie meet up for the newest season of Cut on France ô...
The actress discovers the collection of ready-to-wear clothing of the designer and it is a revelation for her new character of femme fatale in Cut.

So, Elodie will meet the costume designer of the TV series Cut, Elodie Mard Pasqualini . She will choose the appropriate outfits in the collection to dress Hélène.

CUT saison 6 - chemisier Elodie Oberlé

Hélène (Dorylia Calmel) wears the shirt Lily mustard Elodie Oberlé

« I'm costume designer and I had the pleasure to collaborate with Elodie Oberlé thanks to Dorylia Calmel, actress on the TV series « Cut »among others.
Dorylia spoke to me about the brand Élodie Oberlé and it was a real discovery for me who try to work with people as Élodie, who values respect not only which are mine on the history to create timeless clothes, which were to in the time with a real know how to make and which sublimate the body of the women with noble, elegant materials and very feminine cuttings.

Élodie is a soft person and in the listening what feels the effects in its creation. 

«Elodie Mard Pasqualini "

Cut sur France o

Top Rocky purple Elodie Oberlé

Season 6 of Cut : to discover the 26th of November 2018 on France Ô ...

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