Published : 03/14/2017 14:28:56
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Because she likes them and because she pays them so well tribute, we dedicate him this article for the one that it is: a radiant woman and of an incredible humanity!



 Elvire, photographer, in full photography session. In the meeting: smile and benevolence

Elvire, it is at first an impromptu meeting around the subject which immediately gathered us: the Twelfth-Night pancake! In other words, the pleasure which some go without to answer the dictates that wishes to impose us a certain fashion.

To answer in a diplomatic way to all these media aberrations, we chose the photography.

It is with a lot of sweetness that we called those who made beat our hearts: Agnès, Axelle and Ophélie. Divine three completely different creatures and which knew how to nevertheless make only one during a magic session …

Armed with small dresses and other delicate signed dresses Elodie Oberlé, it is under the objective and the sharp look of the photographer rouennaise Elvire that they crazily had fun!

And finally, the garment became secondary and the Woman took back the power

Result in images:


We invite you to discover this attractive work within the framework of the exhibition Africa Bom: " Women of Any World " in the gallery of the City hall from 3 till 19 May 2017, opening ceremony on May 4th and May 20th and 21st on the African market.

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