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Published : 03/31/2016 16:22:40
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shooting modèle de mode

What a dream for a budding photographer to be the guest of a fashion designer, to shoot a photoreport of the very first photography shoot of her new collection... What a suprising, amazing experience : a rewarding day, that I’m going to tell you now.

Five. Five eternal and sophisticated pieces : a contemporary ode to feminity. David Morganti, photographer, Romane and Solenn, both model, Elodie, make-up artist, formed a crack squad to present us our favorite stylist’s new collection. 

E.O. collection

A day unaffected by the passing of time

Rouen, 10 a.m. : Team’s arrival at the Coworking area. 12 a.m. : beginning of photography shoot with Solenn. 2 p.m. : Romane’s makeup. 5 p.m. : tydying. Seven hours long, without any break, of intense, technical and creative work. An astonishing energy : time stood still to leave the place for creation and team spirit. You go out exhausted, but happy, because you felt something has been realized. You felt useful, because in the studion everybody is : the photographer (of course !), the model, but also the makeup artist, and the stylist, staring kindly to her dresses under the lights ; and another one, to assist... 

Elodie Oberlé supervise le shooting

A photography shoot as a party

With a little bit of music, and a lot of confidence, the photographer seemed like he’s throwing a party. David was close to everybody. He cared about each of us. In fact, I guessed he’s responsible to permit everybody to let themselves go, thus giving their best. He worked closely with Elodie Oberlé All day
long : confidence and trust are the keys to satisfy both. He would consequently on the one hand give the stylist what she wanted and on another hand interpret her creative universe with his lens. I never felt as much how the fashion photographer’s work was...humane. 

photographe en shooting mode

maquilleuse shooting de mode Elodie Oberlé

Besides a real team spirit appeared : models coached themselves each other. Everybody in the studio played a role : I was suprised, I believed only David, Elodie Oberlé and a model would work at the same

time but not at all ! The makeup artist Elodie frequently fixed makeup, and I was also asked to hold a reflector ! Eveything with smile and in a good mood, sure ! 

shooting pro

Artist’s work

The result is impressive : strongly-composed photography, with much details in a graphic mood. It didn’t ask a lot of things yet : it lies in the artist’s work ! The makeup artist enhanced models without transform their natural beauty ; the photographer took pictures on the spur of the moment, offering varied way of modelling with only a corner of a room, a stool, two chairs and a blue background. 

Le travail des artistes

But...I not going to tell further, and, before the result, you can enjoy discovering unreleased pictures of backstage ;)

Le Maki Photographe 

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