I paint, I print, I dress…

Published : 06/14/2017 11:51:51
Categories : BACKSTAGE

Textile designer of training and self-taught painter, Elodie Oberlé chose to make only one of its diverse universes.

So, it is on these dresses that she decides to print her paintings for a street art of the most poetic …

Worn by the women of the street, the imaginary flowers fly through the seasons and make this freshness and this femininity precious to the brand travel.

Such a work of art, every garment is designed to last in time.

Revisit great classics for a touch of modernity while aiming at the timelessness …

Happy of this first first attempt, Elodie invites you to discover as quickly as possible, the small dress Rocky and its skirt Lily 

Painting by Elodie Oberlé

« My black and white », mixed technique on canvas

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