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Published : 02/06/2017 09:46:38
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Koura Diouf et Elodie Oberlé

Koura Diouf (Mode in Rouen) and Elodie Oberlé during the prize-giving of Talents Aiguilles

Mode in Rouen, it’s her; it’s us and all the actors of the fashion in Rouen and its urban area.

She, it is Koura Diouf, young woman of Senegalese origin who decided to invest her time in its passions: the Man and the Fashion. This is the way she created Mode in Rouen for a local, ethnic and accessible fashion.

Member of the jury for the competition of young fashion designers organized by the association Talents Aiguilles, we decided to present you this charming person.


- Why this love for fashion you who works first of all in the social reintegration?

"Fascinated by the fashion since my earliest childhood, I found at first my inspiration at the young designers of my country of origin, Senegal.

Curious generally about all which is made in this domain, I had the idea, by increasing, to value the talents of this local fashion.

I meet then a young Senegalese designer on whom I decide to promote the brand in France as the ethnic fashion is rapidly expanding.

Shows; fashion shows; exhibitions, I multiply the meetings and decide to create an association including all the actors of the fashion in the city where I am settled, what is going to give birth to Mode in Rouen. "

Top Rocky par Elodie Oberlé

Necklace Mode in Rouen made in Sénégal, Top Rocky by Elodie Oberlé

KPRISS shop, active member of Mode in Rouen


- Your meeting with Talents Aiguilles?

« Talents Aiguilles is an association created by some students keen on fashion of Néoma Business School located in Rouen.

When I began to set up my project, which was to create a house of fashion by means of the occupational reintegration, my domain of preference, my partners and me needed of one market study not raising our immediate knowledge. We called on to Néoma to support for its realization.

This is the way we connected with Talents Aiguilles and the understanding was immediate in the concept of the gathering of the actors of the local fashion and their promotion.

So, it was for them quite natural that I am one of the members of the jury of their annual competition of young fashion designers from Rouen."

Koura Diouf, à droite, détaillant avec précision les modèles qu’elle voit défiler 

Koura Diouf, to the right, looking at the models

  - Why to have chosen to reward the brand Elodie Oberlé?

"First of all, for its contemporary, fashionable style and which fit as well to the working- girl as to the relaxed girl: easy to wear clothes. 

Then, for her social and associative commitment associative going hand in hand with the spirit of Mode in Rouen; for her life course and her experiences abroad (China, Thailand, Bangladesh).


Furthermore, our partner and member of Mode in Rouen, the shop KPRISS, offered to the winner one month of presence in its shop window. And the costumers correspond perfectly to the fact that the brand Elodie Oberlé proposes: an attractive feminine and contemporary garment.

Défilé des modèles Elodie Oberlé

Défilé de modèles Elodie Oberlé

Models by Elodie Oberlé

Koura, a last word ?

"For a gathering fashion!"

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