Published : 05/18/2016 19:34:02
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With a training of textile designer, Elodie Oberlé abandoned nothing of its colours, its textile patterns and its textures…

Sometimes difficult to print her drawings on her silk dresses, she decided to make it paintings!

Working a mixed technique, she uses in the wills of her needs a multitude of instruments, switching from the hand to the biggest of brush.

The importance for her is to let bring out of its unconscious a world about which she dreams in colours!

She makes of her painting a poetry, an offering to the world, a small place toilet of beauty to share without moderation …

« Tears of my soul;

      Hopes of my dances…

          Elodie would like to write poetry

              but doesn’t know to do it without her brushes in the spread

                  wings and from which she cannot part…

                      Too much attached!”


And that's why the presentation of her collection The Essentials will be accompanied with one of its other essential, the paint!

Welcome to The Salon !

From the 24th of May to the 4th of June 2016, 39 street Saint-Nicolas, 76000 ROUEN

peinture Elodie Oberlé

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06/04/2016 20:34:50

Bonsoir, j'ai vu quelques uns de vos tableaux "au salon"... j'ai beaucoup aimé ! En avez-vous plus à faire découvrir et à vendre ? Bonne soirée cordialement

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