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Published : 04/28/2016 19:01:33
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The collection « The Essentials » by the fashion designer Elodie Oberlé offers you some nice little dresses for the season and future seasons…

How to choose the one who will comply with your requirements?

Here are some tips to help you…

First of all, it’s necessary to know that Elodie Oberlé cuts from 34 to 44 and that every model was designed according to the standards of the average woman. So! No need to be tall and slim!

      1-  The little black dress

It’s the masterpiece of a wardrobe of a woman.

So, the creator proposes all her models in black.

 -To be smart and stylish : The dress Rose 

This timeless dress is suitable to any style, any silhouette and any occasion.

Robe chemisier revisitée avec son large col, elle met en valeur le visage et le buste et donc la personnalité de chaque femme qui la portera.

La robe Rose est une valeur sûre ! Aucune faute de goût à la porter, vous serez parfaite en toute occasion et pour longtemps.

 Revisited shirtdress with boat neckline, it emphasizes the face and the bust and thus the personality of every woman who will wear it.

The dress Rose is a safe bet! No error of taste to wear it, you will be perfect in any opportunity occasion and for a long time. 

           - To opt for the elegance and for the originality: The dress Audrey

              Star's first name which is worth it its timeless class.

             The mixed of the fabrics ,the cutting of the back and the zip doubles cursor bring it boldness and modernity. A model in small series which you will not find to everybody but which everybody will notice!

             -To be on time of the last trend: The jumpsuit Augustine

            The jumpsuit is the must have.

The model designed by Elodie Oberlé is of a style and an absolute comfort!

At the same time dress, tailor, tuxedo, you can play all the roles when you are dressed in it. It is the garment which we shall envy you and in whom you will always be the most beautiful!

Its high-waisted and its wide pants allow it to be carried by women of any size. She lengthens considerably the silhouette and with your shoes compensated of the summer, it is the assured success!

2- The colour

At the creator, the colours of the season are the red coral and the electric blu .

Frank tints and which became real classics in the fashion.

Then none risks being unable to resist the one of her!

-Take out your side femme fatale: the dress Rose and it bright red…

You will combine certainly femininity, modernity, sensuality …

Notice to the women of character: it is made for you and has to become your secret weapon for any negotiation.

-Play the young fashion designer’s card: the dress Audrey

An original cutting highlighted by a blue which we shall notice and will appreciate . To play the finders of treasure and boast by the friends … And as this model is in limited edition, you will be unique in your kind!

Then?! You chose?

And we remind to you: this collection is made for you all! 

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